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Grace Pilkington Publicity offers publicity help to independent publishers, authors or publicists looking for extra help at any stage in the publishing process…


Grace will have an initial video meeting with you to discuss your book, what your dreams are and what your budget is and then she’ll put together a plan for your approval. She will then begin the process - writing a press release, contacting the media and creating online traction. She’ll organise events and festival appearances and ensure news of these events are circulated to the press. She’ll also submit the books to the relevant prizes. She will give weekly updates and be contactable at any point, should you have any questions. The campaign can lead up to publication date or beyond.


Grace can also talk you through other elements of the publishing process. She can offer consultations on what the author can do to publicise the book themselves using blogs and social media, and she can help run pages for a small monthly fee. With experience in copyediting, she can help you write pieces to publicise your work. And with experience in sales she can help you approach potential stockists.


Grace also has a wide range of contacts in publishing and can introduce you to book designers, printers, distributors and editors.


Grace still works closely with Quartet’s managing editor Peter Jacobs 

She also works with Georgia de Chamberet of BookBlast® agency and the Lesley Blanch estate


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