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Grace Pilkington Publicity

“Every book is unique and requires a different approach and I love dreaming up innovative ways to get extraordinary titles the attention they deserve, whether this be through features, interviews, articles by the author, or online and in person events. The process of publishing a book should be an exciting and collaborative process, with the author feeling supported and encouraged by their publicist. I believe in the personality behind PR - I like to strip back the PowerPoints and build a strong relationship with my authors”

As head of publicity for Quartet Books, Grace Pilkington managed publicity campaigns for over a hundred books, including six books by Brian Sewell, titles by Sally Emerson and Alexander Newley’s memoir. She managed the serialisation of a number of memoirs, with extracts published in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail. In addition to this, she has organised interviews and features on TV, Radio and in broadsheets, magazines, online and social media. As well as arranging launches, interviews and paid for festival appearances, Grace has escorted authors to such events to ensure they feel comfortable and supported.

Some of the titles I've worked on...


The Orwell Essays
Doctors Dissected
If I chance to talk a little wild
Outsider II
Sleeping with Dogs
Unaccompanied Minor
A Scribbler in Soho
The White Umbrella
Covid Thoughts
In the Consulting Zoom

I worked with Grace Pilkington for many years and believe her to be one of the best PR practitioners I have ever known; intelligent, discreet, courteous, imaginative, reliable, successful and hard-working.


David Elliott, long term Editorial Director of Quartet Books.

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